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We would like through Umoja to enhance and protect the endangered traditional African textile who is now disappearing. Our shoes help revive these cultural legacies by giving craftsmen a international showcase. We bring our contributions with a craft model that limits the possibilities.

We work in direct circuit with its craftsmen and promote the development of social links through cooperative groupings. Through our speakers, you will be able to discover and contribute to an artistic and craftsmanship fashion, while traveling through the techniques and know how manuals of these regions of Africa. Each creation is an initiatory journey around a traditional know-how.


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When modernity and crafts tradition meet…

The brand Umòja, is the alliance of a modern concept and ancestral craftsmanship traditions. By choosing craft fashion, we want you to enter the craftsmen’s workshops. These secret temples are tinged with myths. Creative studio in town or ancestral factories in the least accessible regions, the handmade is the luxury we are proud to offer you through our various sneakers collections.

Our unique, aesthetic and innovative shoes are designed with the maximum of raw natural materials : cotton, natural dyeing, banana fiber, and raphias, produced in an organic way, in order to highlight the natural fibres in the fashion industry. To replace animal leather, we use virtuous alternatives such as cork and ugandan textile made from tree bark, UNESCO’s intangible heritage.

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Jul 07

Successful crowdfunding

After 28 days of intense campaign, our crowfunding on Ulule ended on June 25, a success, thanks to a goal reached by 150%! Thanks to all of you !

Jun 14

The flight

After several trips, and hours of work, we finally launch our first production, and our first collection!

Apr 05

The use of organic cotton

Natural fibre is the most widely used in the fashion industry, and cotton production is subject to many controversies. During the sourcing of our raw materials we prileged organic cotton produced in a reasoned way by small communities.

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