“The bogolan fani invites to the discovery of new lands through the beauty of the pattern and symbols realized entirely by hand. Bogolanfini is a Ba-mana word that describes this textile dyeing technique; bogo means “earth” or “mud,” lan means “with” or “by means of,” and fini means “cloth.” Bogolan is unique both in technique and style, which makes the cloth particularly appealing to contemporary artists and designers.

Bogolan is a traditional technique of vegetal painting and dyeing from West Africa. The making of bogolan requires both technical knowledge and mastery of the cloth’s many symbols.

This fabric carries within it the joy, conviviality and love. The colors and patterns loaded with messages offer a narrative of real and mythical events. We associate this shoe with brown cork .
Product designed without any material of animal origin.

Choose your usual size. If you’re in between sizes, choose the smallest one.

Détails du produit

  • Robust organic cotton fabric
  • Display colour: natural brown, yellow and black dye
  • Inner lining in stocking st
  • Metal carnations
  • Outsole in cork and rubber

Product care

The canvas are made out of natural raw materials. The care is different from a shoe made of leather, synthetic material or processed natural fibre. Avoid washing in washing machine. Wash the fabric as less as possible.

  1. Protect the inside of the shoe with paper,
  2. Soak the shoe in a tub of lukewarm water,
  3. Gently rub dirty areas with a cloth or toothbrush,
  4. Allow to air dry.


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