Étoiles de Cap-Vert


This shoes are made entirely with Manjak fabric from Saint-Louis In Senegal.

The particularity of the Manjak fabric lies in the weaving technique. Two to three craftsmens per loom are needed to weave this traditional fabric. A know-how that requires strictness and patience.

The elegance and beauty of the pattern of this fabric originate from Cape Verde. The stars represent the ten islands of the archipelago. We associate this shoe with barkcloth inscribed in UNESCO’s intangible heritage since 2005.

Product designed without any material of animal origin.

This model is a large size. We advise you to take one size below your usual size.

Détails du produit

  • Robust organic cotton fabric
  • Display color: natural indigo blue dye
  • White tree bark tongue and heel
  • Inner lining in organic cotton
  • Metal carnations

Product care

The canvas are made out of natural raw materials. The care is different from a shoe made of leather, synthetic material or processed natural fibre. Avoid washing in washing machine. Wash the fabric as less as possible.

  1. Protect the inside of the shoe with paper,
  2. Soak the shoe in a tub of lukewarm water,
  3. Gently rub dirty areas with a cloth or toothbrush,
  4. Allow to air dry.


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