Who we are ?

Created by two friends who met on the benches of the University of Brest, the project was born from their desire to change the world with more transparency and solidarity. In 2017, they left their professional careers and created Umòja.

Umòja, which means “unity” in the Swahili language, is a footwear brand that combines tradition, modernity and innovation while promoting African textile craftsmanship while respecting the environment.



The Umòja shoes, besides promoting traditional textile heritage, have each a different story… Each of the fabrics used to make our sneakers illustrates through its patterns, geometric shapes and colours a very specific story. These fabrics are an invitation to discover the traditional myths of these African regions. The quality of the weaving of the fabrics, the beauty of the patterns and the elegance of the design allow each pair to adapt to all styles.

You can discover the unique stories of each of our models through the descriptive pages of our sneakers. For this first collection, we drew our inspiration from traditional West African society. The name chosen for each pair is taken from the history of this beautiful region of Africa.

Our sneakers are not only ethical and ecological, but also unique and artistic. Between mix of materials, craftsmanship and creativity, all creations are a hymn to cultural change.


In addition to promoting craft skills, Umòja puts innovation at the heart of its actions. We would like to initiate a reflection on the environmental impact of the fashion industry. The brand excludes the use of animal leather and artificial dyeing. Natural materials are favoured: organic cotton, textiles made from tree bark, cork, mineral and vegetable-based dyes and paints. 

All these materials are produced locally by small communities of producers. We have chosen to go directly to meet these producers in Africa with the aim of sourcing directly from the artisans.

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