After more than 13 working months, 40 000km traveled, 6 traveled countries, 25 realized prototypes and several test at the level of the comfort, the finishes and of the resistance of certain materials we decided to launch a small production.

Since last May 28th we began a campaign of crowdfunding on Hoots, first European site of participative financing.

This first collection is entitled “the crossing of time” and leads to the discovery of the West-African culture. We propose 4 mixed designs. Nous avons décidé de mettre en avant le dan fani, le bogolan, le mandjak et le liège à travers cette première collection.

The objective was to reach 100 pre-orders to fulfill the objective. Thanks to a strong mobilization on your part, we achieved our goal in 10 days.

The campaign ends on June 25. You can always contribute to help us go even further. For the launch, we offer all the reduced taris models. It’s time to enjoy!

Thank you for making this dream possible !

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