Produced in Portugal, cork is an excellent substitute for certain petroleum derivatives as well as animal leather. It is a high-quality fabric, both very resistant and waterproof.

This natural vegan and ecological material degrades completely naturally, without creating toxic residues. Its harvest is a completely ecological process: cork oaks are subjected to a simple debarking process that does not require pruning or damaging trees.

The name Caravelle derives its origin from the Portuguese great maritime discoveries. Caravel builders used cork oak wood to make parts of vessels exposed to the weather.

  • Cork
  • Synthetic inner lining
  • Brown cork on the lapels
  • Metal carnations
  • Plastic outer soles
  • Avoid washing in a washing machine! Privilege soft cleaning (cloth and warm water). The cork maintains itself like leather.
  • This model size normal. If you are between two sizes, choose the smallest.