28 Jan

The dynamism of the AJED

Umoja is a cultural and solidarity project born between Africa and Brittany. In order to maximise our social, we support an Ivorian association, the AJED and the Diwan school of Brest.

The AJED (Youth Association for Employment and Development) was born in November 2015 from the desire to give opportunities to the youth of Côte d’Ivoire.
This association fights unemployment and facilitates access to education.

Why support the AJED

We support AJED, because this association is very dynamic, and contributes to the reduction of youth unemployment through several actions:

– Training and socio-vocational integration

– Promoting entrepreneurial spirit among young people

– Ensuring the integration of young people through education.

To this end, AJED can take the form of a platform for linking, publishing job offers, recruitment, entrance competitions, training and funding.

The Values

But beyond that, it promotes the promotion of volunteerism and civic engagement, and sensitizes youth to the issues of sustainable development. These values are also ours, which is why we felt it was important to support this association so that it could continue.

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